Storage Services

We offer a comprehensive range of storage services. We offer two kinds of storage services including temporary and long-term storage services as per your need. Upon ordering, all your assets are carefully packed and stored in secure storage vaults maintained inside our warehouses. Our warehousing and storage facility is skillfully designed and fully secured. We have built our storage facilities with a properly laid out floor plan and have installed fire prevention mechanisms.

In addition, they have high levels of security and enough parking spaces to accommodate vehicles of any size. We have also implemented highly effective maintenance schedules and programs for our warehouses across issues like cleaning, pest control and fire protection besides ensuring safety measures. We also have all the latest equipments for warehouse handling and the tools and materials to load, unload and handle the shipments in a safe manner.

Packers and movers Bangalore

Our temporary and permanent storage facilities can be ordered for both international shipments and domestic goods. The goods under storage are professionally handled and stored with labeling that contains all the relevant information about the goods.

Packers and movers Bangalore

Our quick retrieval control system can help in easy location of the stored goods during reclaim. We can also arrange for insurance cover for the stored goods. Periodical inspections and inventory reports are added advantages. The storage facility is maintained in a neat and systematic manner.